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While creating my rubric I had to really think about what was important to assess.  I had to put a lot of thought into what students should know after completing their final project.  I have a few students who might create a flashy looking project but canít explain any of the details about their project design.  I had many discussions with my study team as to what the point of the final project should be.  We came to the conclusion the students should have a good understanding of the design and layout of a database which they will be able to apply to all database types.  I think the rubric helped me explain what I thought was important for the students to know and understand.  My students now will have a greater understanding of what I am looking for in their final projects.  They may find themselves achieving higher levels when the criterion is clearly presented to them.  The rubric falls under the NBPTS core three; accomplished teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.  After creating this Rubric I would not use any other way managing student performance.

Final Project Rubric - Introduction to Databases


Levels of Performance





Design Document

The document does not adequately explain the project.  Grammar and spelling errors throughout document.

Has some grammar and spelling errors.  Has a cover page and may not have a layout of tables.

Student has all of the elements of the design document.  Has a cover page. Good explanation of the purpose of project and layout of tables.

Student has all of the elements of the design document.  Work is neat, clear and understandable.


A relational database

Made an attempt to create a relational database.   Has relationships that donít make sense.

Has relationships between tables but may not be correct.

Student has a broad understanding of relationships and key fields defined. 

Student understands how relational database works and can explain the relationship of their tables.

Table Design

Project does not have at least two tables.  Redundant information in tables.

Project had two or more tables.  May have redundant information or tables not correctly labeled.

Tables are clearly labeled and show a broad understanding of proper table design.

Student understands table design and can explain the flow of tables.

Menu Options

There is no graphics or title on the menu page.  All links do not work.

There may be graphics and title on the main menu.  Some links may not work.

Graphics and title neatly displayed on the main menu.  All links work.

Student may have used nonstandard menu options.  Nice clear layout and all links work.


Student does not explain project in detail.  Canít find some of the basic options of the program.

Student can explain most of the major parts of the project.  May have some difficulty navigating the program.

Student explains project clearly.  Student can navigate the program without difficulty.

Student explains project clearly.  Student has implemented special features into the project.


I am now a firm believer in having a rubric for all of the projects my students are assigned.  My students now know exactly what to expect and they can self monitor themselves with a rubric such as this.  It has saved me time of explaining what it is I want and what they need to know.  I do give the students criteria on the requirements of the project and it just does not work as well as a rubric.  I have created rubrics for all of my final projects in each subject I teach.

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