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Computer programming can be a difficult subject to teach.  Many of my students struggle with the abstract concepts of computer programming.  As I have worked my way through the MSEd program I have found many strategies to help me reach students who struggle and those who came in for an easy "A" go above and beyond their expectations. 

I was able to implement a strategy or method from every class in the program and instantly apply them in my classes.  There were so many areas that have had a great impact on my teaching career in the MSEd program.  The areas that have stood out the most for me were Instructional Strategies Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.  In these classes I had the opportunity to apply learning styles into my classroom along with teaching strategies that I have found to be very helpful.  I believe trying out new strategies on my students have inspired some to go above and beyond what they expected to do in my class. 

Being aware of the learning styles has helped me to understand why a student may have a difficult time learning computer programming or databases.  I now have a wide range of lessons and assignments that can be given to a student to motivate them to excel.  The "hook and hold" strategies were also very helpful in motivating my students.  I am now always on the lookout for ideas for my classes.

Reflection and Goals

As I look back to the first class that I took in the MSEd program, I have realized how much I have learned.  The program brought to light many issues I would never have considered.  For instance, an equitable classroom.  It made me question how I treat each of my students.  I have worked through and have changed many aspects of my procedures and policies to make sure that I have an equitable classroom.   

As I continue to move forward in my teaching career, I will be be working toward the following goals.

Update Class Content - In the field of technology it is essential to keep up to date with the latest version of software and books.  I will look at each one of my classes every semester to ensure I am teaching the latest technology.

Learning and Development - Keeping up with the latest methods in technology is always a challenge.  I will look at each class to see what new skills I can develop to keep myself up to date.

Lesson Plans - Review old lesson plans and look for places I can implement the new strategies I have learned in the MSEd program.  

Mission Statement - Read and review my mission statement every semester. 


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